Windshield wiper blades can last a long time. They don't even require any special care besides keeping them clean and, in the winter, keeping them free of ice and snow. A "long time," however, does not mean forever. The blades are made of rubber, and rubber has a shelf life. Once it becomes brittle, rubber fails. Your wiper blades won't work all that well.

Age and environmental factors such as sunlight can ruin blade rubber. Also, the rubber wears out from use. Whether the rubber is on the tires on the windshield wipers, the material ends up degrading.

Asking a technician in Arroyo Grande, CA to inspect the blades gives you an idea about the condition. Once they become too worn out, replace them. You don't want to rely on poor-performing blades.

Mullahey Ford is home to a service department capable of inspecting and fixing many vehicles. Call the department at your convenience to set up an appointment.

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