Enhance Your Driving Needs with the New Ford Ranger

One of the hottest vehicles for 2020 is the new Ford Ranger and for great reasons. Ford has done a phenomenal job of bringing new life into this particular platform. The new Ranger comes equipped with a ton of exciting features. Check out how you can benefit by reading below.

The 2020 Ford Ranger comes in three available trims, including the XLT, Lariat, and XL. Each truck comes equipped with an EcoBoost engine that's 2.3 liters in size. Ford has also brought in some turbocharging effects to boost the level of performance. Consumers will have an estimated 270 horsepower underneath the hood. When it comes to pound-feet of torque, the new Ranger produces upward of 310. On the other hand, consumers can go off-roading in this mid-size pickup thanks to its phenomenal drivetrains. Higher ground clearance and high-strength steel have also been added to the frame.

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