Features That Make the Ford Mustang Handle so Well

The Ford Mustang is an incredibly popular sports car that has been engineered to be as capable as it can be for all situations. Ford wanted to make sure that you would be comfortable driving the Mustang as your daily around Arroyo Grande, CA and as your fun weekend car out on twisty mountain roads. Ford wanted to make sure the Mustang was confidence-inspiring.

The latest generation of Mustang comes with independent rear suspension which is a huge upgrade. Independent rear suspension helps to cut down on body roll and helps to keep the car stable in all road conditions. The Mustang also comes with huge brakes that are matched to the performance of the engine that your model is equipped with.

Stop by Mullahey Ford to find out which Ford Mustang model has the features you are looking for. You can take one for a ride to see how well it handles with all of its advanced suspension components.

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