Smart Tech Makes the Ford Fiesta Awesome

Subcompact cars are all the rage with a segment of buyers. The Ford Fiesta ranks high among many buyers for good reasons. The car delivers on performance and reliability expectations. In today's consumer landscape, buyers also want a vehicle that comes with advanced technology. The Ford Fiesta delivers here as well. The "smart features" associated with the car impress.

Hill Start Assist represents one of the more intriguing and helpful features. Driving up a hill can prove challenging for a driver. Vehicles battle gravity and struggle. With this feature, built-in tech recognizes an incline, and the brakes work accordingly.

The push-button start feature adds convenience. Why fumble around with placing keys in the ignition when pressing on a start button gets the engine revving?

To see how the smart features work, you should take a Ford Fiesta out on a test drive. At Mullahey Ford in Arroyo Grande, CA, we'll help you with that!

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