There are some incredible features that will offer you the performance you need in the Ford F-150 Raptor. As a popular performance pickup truck, you can enjoy more in Arroyo Grande, CA. With a visit to us at Mullahey Ford, you’ll see why this can be such a great ride.

Off-roading is one of the top reasons to go with the Raptor. All-terrain tires, available Beadlock-capable wheels, and FOX live valve shocks are included. These are some of the ways that Ford ensures that you have everything needed in order to go off-roading without fear of how your truck can handle the terrain.

The Terrain Management System will also help you to set what terrain you’ll be driving on. This way, the truck makes automatic adjustments so that you don’t have to. Combine that with Trail Control so that the acceleration and braking are done for you and you have a great ride.

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