The Ford Fusion is a stylish automobile because it has interior and exterior design components that stand out. During cruises in a Fusion, its interior elements will wow passengers while the exterior components impress other drivers on the road.

When the Ford Fusion isn't moving, its grilles command attention. They're made out of a glossy metal, so the finish shines in the sunlight. The wheels are also impressive and are available in multiple sizes and tones. In the cabin, there is a classy leather steering wheel that provides elegance and a great grip. The finish on the steering wheel compliments the upholstery on the seats. Ford offers the Fusion with different interior color options, which include Russet and Light Putty. However, each color blends nicely with the sleek leather-wrapped wheel.

Many Ford Fusion cars are for sale at Mullahey Ford. We provide test drives in all trims on local roads in Arroyo Grande, CA.

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