Sedan owners who prefer a comfortable, smooth ride and plenty of space choose the full-sized Ford Taurus. The technology that comes standard on the new models makes the journey that much more enjoyable. Experience the convenience that technology provides by taking one of our Arroyo Grande, CA Mullahey Ford vehicles for a test drive.

The infotainment system functions via the touchscreen menu, steering wheel controls or voice activation. Link the system with a smartphone or other mobile device for the latest road and weather conditions or navigation instructions. Make and take calls and messages without using your hands or looking away from the road. Listen to your favorite playlists or tune into the radio. Pair the system with Alexa and have access to more than 45,000 different commands.

The cruise control system automatically adapts to the traffic around the vehicle. The Ford Taurus decreases speed when traffic slows and resumes speed when the coast is clear.

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