Ford Super Duty is Like Having Another Employee

When you buy a heavy-duty pickup truck, you want one that is going to do the work no matter what kind of job you have. That's why the Ford Super Duty is a perennial favorite among our customers as well as our sale personnel at Mullahey Ford.

Driving the Super Duty is like having another competent person working with you on your jobs because it can do so much. You'll enjoy best-in-class payload that allows you to haul as much as you need with regard to materials or equipment. When you have a load that is exceptionally heavy, you can use a fifth wheel or a best-in-class gooseneck tow rating package.

That's not all you get. If you're hauling a big load, Trailer Reverse Guidance makes easy work of maneuvering your extra load into place. Imagine towing up to 35,000 pounds safely. That's what the Ford Super Duty does.

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