Get More Peace of Mind with the Ford Edge

Everyone wants a little bit more peace of mind while driving, and you have that feeling of safety when you're driving a vehicle with some of the latest technology features on the market. The popular midsize SUV, the Ford Edge, has some features that will keep you safer, and it will help you avoid accidents with pedestrians and other vehicles.

If you've ever nearly hit a vehicle but swerved at the last moment, you know how scary that situation can be. The Edge has available evasive steering assist to help you avoid accidents when braking isn't enough.

And the lane-centering feature keeps you on the road and within the lines. You can turn it on or off whenever you feel that it would help you, and it also has the adaptive cruise control feature, which slows your vehicle with it senses that there's another vehicle in front of you. It will then resume your speed when the vehicle is no longer present.

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