There Are Plenty Of Technology Features On The Ford Ranger

Not everyone needs or wants a full-size pickup. They just want a truck that is good for commuting and hauling lighter loads. If that description fits you, you should take a look at the Ford Ranger. This is a mid-sized truck that has a lot of features that make it a pleasing truck to own and drive.

The Ford Ranger has your safety in mind with the blind spot information system with trailer coverage. This system scan along both sides of the Ranger checking for cars coming up in the blind spot. If a vehicle is detected, you will be alerted in order to avoid an accident.

When there's a lot of traffic on the road, you need all the help you can get to avoid an accident. The Ford Ranger helps by offering pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking. If the system believes an accident is imminent, you will be alerted.

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