The new Ford Mustang GT has received the highest ratings for American muscle cars. With all new performance settings and finely tuned engines, there’s nothing better than the V8 GT that can accelerate fast and cause heads to turn with its amazing engine power. However, you may not want that kind of attention early in the morning from your neighbor. That’s why Ford introduced multiple performance settings, even for the exhaust.

The Active Valve Performance Exhaust system can be added on for additional convenience. The whisper quiet mode allows you to start the engine with barely a growl from the engine, but if you want to truly hear your engine, you can let the V8 roar with sport or track mode. There are lots of ways to personalize your GT experience with three different engines, two transmissions, and lots of performance options.

Ready to see the Ford Mustang GT in person? Why not stop by Mullahey Ford located in Arroyo Grande, CA for a test drive? Their customer care team will ensure that you love the experience and get to feel the power of the engine under your foot.

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