Prepping Your Differential for Servicing

Prepping your differential for servicing can be a messy job depending on the design of your differential. While some differentials have a drain plug, others only can only be accessed by removing the housing cover. Regardless of these facts, you should always have a plastic drop cloth and a wide catch pan with you. Before you start draining the old oil, warm the oil to make it easy to flow by driving your car for a few minutes.

Once you’ve changed into your grungy clothes, get yourself a face mask just in case you can’t handle the smell. Old differential oil happens to have the foulest smell in the history of cars. Go ahead and remove the fill-hole plug, which is located at the top of the differential casing. Once that is out of the way, you can unscrew the drain plug to let the oil out.

Since this is a pretty messy job, you can visit our showroom at Mullahey Ford, and they will sort you out in no time.

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