A Look at the Ford F-150 Tough Features

Are you considering the Ford F-150 as your next pickup truck? At Mullahey Ford serving Arroyo Grande consumers, our team recommends this pickup truck because it offers a number of tough features, which is one reason why it is a top choice at our dealership. Learn more about its tough features below.

The F-150 was engineered with a high-strength aluminum-alloy body. It is the only truck in its class that is made with this material. The aluminum-alloy body provides you with superior strength without additional weight. This light material produces a higher power-to-weight ratio and best-in-class towing capability. In addition, this high-strength material is resistant to dents.

You are also provided with excellent off-road handling in the Ford F-150. It comes with optional class-exclusive FOX live valve monotube shocks that feature internal bypass technology and an electronic solenoid valve that offers continuous variable compression damping. There is also an available Torque-On-Demand transfer case that automatically engages torque for fast responsiveness.

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